👋 hello and welcome to my site

My name is Tyler Bisk and I am a senior at Cornell University's College of Engineering studying computer science and electrical and computer engineering. I created this website in order to showcase the work that I am most proud to call my own and to demonstrate my excitement and gravitation towards all things computers that stretches beyond my coursework.

Due to my love for coding, in addition to the fact that I host my website for free, it was an easy decision to code my website myself instead of going for something like Wix or Squarespace - the experience and extra customizability I gain from building it without external tools is unmatched. I use HTML with a CSS template that I modified to my liking.

What to do next:
  • See About Me to learn more about my passions and aspirations
  • View my resume
  • Learn about how I and 40 other undergraduate members of Cornell Racing, design and build an electric racecar each year
  • Look at the two iOS applications I've developed, Sips, a game, and Freasy, a social media platform
  • Need to get in touch? Contact Me