Sips is the first iOS application I have ever developed. After having taken a couple computer science and engineering classes my freshman year, I decided I had enough of a foundation to make a simple app for iOS. I spent weeks reading up on how to use Xcode, how to write in Swift, and how apps get listed on the app store.

As was the case for millions, not being able to hang out with my friends due to COVID-19 was emotionally draining. Zoom chats with friends were fun but not the same as being physically present. After brainstorming, the seed for Sips had sprouted: a multiplayer card game that was designed with the intention that it is to be played over zoom.

Even after all of the self teaching I’d done, my lack of experience caused progress to be slow, albeit steady. I was the sole person working on the project for weeks on end. All of the code is written by me, but I also am responsible for debugging, marketing, and even branding using Photoshop. Coding, debugging, adding features, making them better was all left up to me. I even coded up a website using HTML for marketing and legal purposes, which is required in order to list your app to the App Store.

After finalizing and releasing the game, I realized how far I had come and how much I had learned in just a few short months. While Sips taught me so much about App Dev, I am tabling the project for now in order to pave the way for the other apps I have coming down the pipeline. Thanks to Sips, my first ever development project, I love every part of the process and plan to continue making apps in my free time for years to come.