I have been fascinated with all things technology from such a young age that I am so thankful for having the opportunity to study it in school and even make a career out of technology, robots, and computers.

Although my family and friends like to flatter me with how much I’ve already accomplished – pursuing my passions by building cars and websites and apps – what I have done so far is nothing compared to what I hope and plan to continue doing in the future. Every day I learn something new, grow from that, and can apply it to my life to become a better creator and person alike.

Alongside the time I spend exploring the capabilities of computers, I am an avid chef, filmmaker, and tennis player. I do these three things for no reason besides the fact that I enjoy them. I take pride in the fact that I put 100% effort into everything I do, and cooking for my friends and family is a way to demonstrate that fact. I am dedicated and perseverent, a fast learner, and possess interpersonal skills that allow me to work well in group project settings.

At home, I have one sister who said she would be very upset if I did not mention her in my ‘about me’ page.

Thanks for stopping by!